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Prize for innovation and TOP 100 seal of approval awarded this year to Movecat
Photo: KD Busch / compamedia
Prize for innovation and TOP 100 seal of approval awarded this year to Movecat
Prestigious award for medium-sized enterprises

This year, Movecat has been recognized as one of the leading innovators among Germany's medium-sized companies, winning one of that country's prestigious TOP 100 awards. Since 1993 this accolade has been awarded annually to honour exceptional, innovation-driven achievements by small and medium-sized German enterprises.

The TOP 100 seal of approval attests to the company's status as a leading innovator in kinetic solutions for the stage, studios and shows. With its developments in this sector, Movecat is realizing a clearly defined concept: systemic solutions and maximum safety. One example of this was the radio-operated remote control developed by Movecat specially for the 2016 world tour of the British singer Adele – the first of its kind on the market.

Technological expertise at Movecat goes hand in hand with a highly developed service mentality, in this case oriented towards the needs of the global market. "We are just as much in demand as a partner among show designers as events technicians, because the practice-tested solutions with which we bring each new creative idea to the stage are combined with reliability and safety", says Andrew Abele, who with his brother Thomas founded the company. The prize was presented on 23 June 2017 at the 4th German Summit for Medium-sized Companies in Essen.

The TOP 100 award honours exceptional capacity to innovate and above average success in the implementation of innovative ideas exhibited by medium-sized businesses. The competition is organized by Compamedia with, as project partners, the Fraunhofer Society for the Advancement of Applied Research and the Association of Medium-sized Companies BVMW.

Berlin’s CityCube convinces with Movecat
Photo: Messe Berlin
Berlin’s CityCube convinces with Movecat and enormous flexibility
New events, trade fair and convention centre opens in the German capital

Twenty-two months in the construction, Berlin’s CityCube—the German capital’s latest events, trade fair and congress venue—opened at the beginning of May. “The CityCube gives fresh impetus to Berlin’s ongoing development as an international trade fair and convention destination,” said the city’s mayor, Klaus Wowereit, during the opening ceremony.

“With the CityCube Berlin,” adds Messe Berlin CEO Dr Christian Göke, “we are now in a position to realize events of all sizes. This is made possible by the enormous flexibility of the building.”

A significant contribution to this is made by the lavish array of kinetic equipment from Movecat. In the CityCube Berlin, no fewer than fifty-two Movecat PLUSlite D8 Plus hoists are available, supported by Movecat MPC 8ED8-FI motor controllers and MRC 8ED8 manual remote units for the control of eight drives each.

Of decisive importance to the decision in favour of Movecat equipment were the stringent requirements concerning flexibility, performance, safety and economic efficiency set out in the tender. In close cooperation with the clients and technicians of CityCube, an integral solution perfectly tailored to the requirements could be developed which, thanks to its modular structure, can be expanded at any time.

CityCube Berlin is immediately adjacent to the South Entrance to Berlin’s ExpoCenter City, which is near the Radio Tower. With two main floors, a flexible system of partitions for the creation of up to eight events halls with capacities ranging from 400 to 3,000 participants, a bright, twelve-metre-high, column-free hall for large events and exhibitions on the upper floor and a variety of meeting rooms for between 50 to 300 guests each, plus the trade fairground nearby, the ideal conditions are in place for the hosting of events, conventions and trade fairs. In fact, CityCube Berlin is capable of hosting events with up to 11,000 participants.

The first events staged in the CityCube Berlin were the Federal Congress of German Trade Unions (DGB) followed by the World Congress of International Trade Unions (ITUC)—both of which were implemented with the help of Movecat equipment.

Movecat Plus1000-4
Movecat presents the compact PLUS and PLUSlite 1000-4 chain hoist

With its handy D8 Plus chain hoist, Movecat is satisfying the oft-expressed wish of many users for a single-line chain hoist capable of lifting a safe working load of 1,000 kg at a speed of 4 m/min. The Movecat PLUS and PLUSlite 1000-4 is based on the current DIN 56950-1:2012-5 standard and satisfies the BG requirements in full. The mechanism is designed to accommodate twice the nominal load. The chain exhibits dynamic and static safety factors of 8:1 and 10:1 respectively.

With its compact, cast aluminium housing, 9 x 27 load chain, two robust handles and total weight of only 115 kg, the new chain hoist is especially well-suited to daily touring and rental use. Above all when used as a climbing hoist in combination with the Movecat case, which was developed in close cooperation with users, ideal operation is guaranteed, as the chain-hoist can climb and retract independently drawing its power from the case.

In other respects the technical features correspond to those of the tried-and-tested PLUS and PLUSlite series. Accordingly the PLUSlite 1000-4 chain hoist can be used in either overhead or standard installations positions without conversion and is fitted with a patented friction clutch as overload protection, as well as offering continuous form closure in the load line, a braking system with two independent DC brakes and a Basic Plate chain guide. A further plus is the hoist's single-eyelet suspension. Chain hooks are available as an alternative. The feature set is completed by the option of retrofitting gear limit switches as well as incremental and absolute encoders. Dual chainfall operation of the PLUS and PLUSlite 1000-4 chain hoist is also possible, in which case a safe working load of 2,000 kg can be lifted at a speed of 2 m/min.

The PLUS and PLUSlite 1000-4 is available in both DC (direct control) and RC (remote control/low-voltage 24 VDC) versions and is CE-compliant, tested, and ready for operation at the time of delivery. The UVV certificate prescribed by the BGV guidelines for mobile applications showing that the device was tested by an expert prior to first use and the VDE 0701/0702 initial test certificate are included in the delivery. The chain hoist is designed for operation with Movecat phase-changing controllers in accordance with DIN 60204-32 and EN 13849-1 and when used accordingly is certified as CE compliant provided the instructions set out in the user manual are adhered to.

X²: "Movecat squared“ enhances operational safety at no extra expense

Movecat has made a further contribution to the operational safety of its D8 and D8 Plus chain hoists. This has been made possible by the integration of a new electronic module for the independent evaluation of a two-level gear-limit switch for directly controlled 3-phase 400 V hoists. This sensible new feature is denoted by the addition of the exponent '2' to the model name.

The familiar CEE 4-pin plug-in connector is retained for the purpose and no additional external control lead or controller integration is required. The evaluation is implemented via two so-called "operation limit monitors" – i.e. internally adjustable limit switches for the operations 'Raise' and 'Lower'. This new feature represents an enormous contribution to operational safety especially in difficult installation positions where visibility is limited but also in fixed installations.

Among the practical features are the simplification of the adjustment procedure and function display of the hoists and the implementation of the TLI ('traffic light') principle that has proved so effective with Movecat's V series. It involves the integration of red, amber and green status LEDs to the limit switch and electronics module to indicate the current operating status.

The developers have also enhanced the electronics of the “X²” models with a circuit for the targeted individual checking of the brakes of the D8 Plus chain hoists in accordance with BGG 912. This product update is available now.

Low-voltage option for D8 and D8 Plus chain hoists from Movecat
Low-voltage option for D8 and D8 Plus chain hoists from Movecat

Movecat's tried-and-tested D8 and D8 Plus chain hoists are now also available in a low-voltage (RC) version. This enables the hoists to be controlled also by existing low-voltage controllers and integrated with ease into existing set-ups. Movecat has responded here to the desire of many users of its popular chain hoists to be able to control them with their existing equipment.

The RC kit comprises an electronics board that contains all the requisite components and can be used directly or in combination with a two-track operation limit switch for the operation states Raise and Lower.

In point of connectivity, Movecat will supply on request all commonly encountered plug and pin assignments.

Movecat extends load measurement options
Movecat extends load measurement options

Movecat has extended the possibilities for load measurement by introducing new load-measuring eyelets with the designation "LME" for chain hoists from Movecat as well as compatible equipment. LMEs can be substituted by users quickly and easily for existing, standard motor, single-hole suspension eyelets. They contain all maintenance-free, function-relevant components such as the load measuring module (LMS) and evaluation electronics. The signals are output via a C4MC plug-in connector. In addition, Movecat has integrated into the design-protected load-measuring eyelets a ripping protection and a load-independent test device. The use of Movecat LMEs avoids the often considerable loss of installation height associated with standard load-measuring eyelets and makes possible the unlimited use of a standard shackle.

The Movecat LMS is designed as a dynamic measuring module that determines continuously the effective load condition. The values can be output and evaluated in real time in combination with a load-measurement controller such as the Movecat MPC 4ID8. In this combination, the requirements of the igvw SQ P2 standard (§§ 4.1.2/3 and 5.3) with respect to the effectiveness of protection against overload and underload are complied with in full.

Movecat NTB-LWL fibre-optic network
Movecat NTB-LWL fibre-optic network

The Movecat NTB (Network Transmission Box) fibre-optic system is for applications in which the control consoles are at a distance of over 100 m from the first network node. For this purpose, the data signals are transmitted by a fibre-optic system supporting distances of up to 250 metres.

With stage applications in mind, the components used are without exception robust and based on the Neutrik opticalCON system. The transmission of the autonomous power supply, emergency stop and dead man signals is implemented in parallel by an ultra-robust copper wire.

Practice-proved solutions featuring integrated modules to monitor the transmission quality as well as suitable drums and cases are all available.

Movecat V-Motion E series
Movecat V-Motion E series

The E series complements the existing V-Motion series to take account of the increasing demand of users for decentralized solutions.

The E series boasts a newly developed, integrated special network- and motor-filter and allows the use of up to 50/75 m of PMC-HV motor cable, whilst still maintaining compliance with interference suppression class C1/C2 EN 61008-3, as well as the operation of multiple devices on RCD type B / 30 mA safety switches. In the V-Motion E series, the latest EMV, VDE and personal safety requirements are satisfied to their fullest extent. Unrestricted operation in residential and mixed areas without separate EMC requirements therefore presents no problems.

Due to the extended range of applications, central 19" rack solutions even for larger systems, a further reduction of ceiling loads and optimized supervision and maintenance solutions are all possible without limitations.

Movecat VMK-S II chain hoists
Movecat VMK-S II chain hoists

Update of the existing VMK series, the objective of which was to integrate further performance improvements in the areas of maintenance and service, noise generation and safety. These improvements include a maintenance-free LME load measurement system, maintenance-free noiseless brakes with optimised evaluation electronic, integrated interference suppression of the control signal for operation with up to 75 m of PMC-HV motor cable, noise-optimised storage, the use of chains with special tolerances as well as further improvements in the mechanical performance of the drive.

Movecat Touring Rack II
Movecat Touring Rack II

Movecat's Touring Racks have been updated and are now available in the new Version II. In pursuance of the 'onboard' industrial design philosophy, all the relevant components are mounted on the circuit boards in a modular fashion. This increases electro-magnetic reliability in the demanding touring sector as well as allowing for the simple exchange of component assemblies if ever servicing should prove necessary.

The selective bypass system was extended to all components, and in the event of a malfunction, individual plug-in controller modules can be disabled without compromising the functionality of the intact modules. The same applies to any malfunction of the power distribution module or the read-back chain evaluation of the remote unit. All bypass functions are button-activated only and self-resetting. The relevant operating statuses are illuminated. For this purpose, daylight-capable high-powered LEDs are used. All racks feature the Movecat M-Link system and can be combined with the other MPC E and I series controllers to form one system. The Movecat system therefore constitutes the most extensive, freely combinable, complete system on the market.

Movecat Network Master Box
Movecat Network Master Box

The NMB-14 complements the NDB-6 and NDB-12 with a version for fast-running drives requiring the implementation of Stop Category 1 as an emergency stop solution. What this means is that when activate the emergency stop button, it triggers a gradual adjustment such that the brakes only take hold once there has been a clear reduction in the run speed. This reduces considerably the dynamic forces to which suspended loads and suspension points are subjected in case of failure.

Since according to BGI-810-3 particular attention must be paid to dynamic loads in case of failure, and since also in many applications every kilo counts, this gives the user greater leeway as well as increasing the active safety level. With manned airframes, too, it makes sense to use the NMB-14, in order to reduce as much as possible the harmful effect on the body of any failure.

Per system, one NMB-14 is introduced as a master module directly after the control consoles, whilst for subsequent cascading, standard NDB-6s can be used.

Two consoles can be connected to the device in Master/Master operation. The NMB-14 is equipped with 14 I-Motion network outputs as well as inputs for two DMB (dead-man-button) enabling switches and one external emergency stop button.

Movecat spring-loaded cable drum
Movecat spring-loaded cable drum

The Movecat FLT series meets the need for a mobile, dynamic cable feed for moving elements in the entertainment sector. The first series offers six load circuits with up to 16A and two DMX/AES/EBU circuits. The drums can therefore be put to various uses such as 6 x dimmer circuits with 2 x DMX for luminaires, 6 x loudspeaker circuits with 2 x audio frequency circuits for line arrays or even 2 x 16A CEE with 2 x DMX/AES/EBU for moving light systems or active line arrays.

They are available with coil lengths from 9 to 24 metres and with an extensive range of accessories such as mounting frames to provide rigging options from trusses in numerous installation positions, cable feed modules, cases, etc.

Dummy graphic
Movecat's expanded LMS system

The LMS system has been expanded to include additional network components and functions. Of particular interest are, among other things, the load-measuring eyelets (LMEs) for the Movecat chain hoists.

These LMEs can easily be exchanged with existing standard motor installation eyelets. Integrated are all maintenance-free, function-relevant, components including the load measuring module and the evaluation electronics. The signals are output via a C4MC plug-in connector.

Unlike alternative solutions, the use of LMEs avoids the usual sacrifice of installation height and makes the unlimited use of existing standard shackles possible. The exchange is simple and can be performed by the user.

Further novelties in terms of innovative single-wire network and wireless solutions are in preparation.

New version of Expert-T

Even more user-friendly

Think Abele is presenting the new Version II of its Expert-T SIL-3 control console. The new edition features improvements in both the hardware and the software of the console. The controller now boasts among other things a new processor enabling it to perform the requisite calculations for complex 3D object runs more rapidly and increase the speed of its 3D display. The engineers have also taken care to make the device more user-friendly: all the functions of the three-dimensional stage display, such as zoom, tilt, pan or rotate, can be controlled simply and intuitively with one hand – without any need to change control levels.

Also new is a third rotary /push-button encoder that can be used for the dynamic speed adjustment of show processes activated using the five CUE buttons.

All set-ups can be supervised and controlled at fixed or variable speeds. Expert-T II makes even the most complex transformations with cross-actions possible and does so without imposing any limitations on the various hoists and groups. With the Expert-T II, it is possible to realize both horizontal (hoists as well as platforms) and vertical movements (in all directions) as well as rotational ones (e.g. turntables).

The two existing rotary encoders are now also implemented as rotary / push-button encoders. By means of a key function, it is now possible to effect a direct reduction of the control lever displacement to ten per cent during a run. Other new features of Version II include a vibration-resistant SSD data storage device and a DVI output for the connection of a second monitor.

With its powerful function set, the Expert-T II represents a practice-oriented and comprehensive solution for a very wide variety of applications. Possible uses for the control console range from the setting-up and dismantling of large stages, lighting and sound equipment to the movement of scenery and decoration and even the kind of scenic transformations involving highly complex objects and manned airframes seen at the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 in Düsseldorf.

Movecat MPC8LD8
Movecat adds motion power controllers to the MPClite series

The motion power controllers of the Lite series represent an extension of the Movecat Kinetic controller series, which has proved its value in practice. They were designed as simple stand-alone solutions for small rigging applications but without any compromises being made in terms of either ergonomics or safety. The controllers are available in a variety of power classes for three-phase current drives from 0.25 to 3.0 kW.

The new standard in easy-to-use basic controllers, these devices govern from two to eight direct-control electric chain hoists and are attractive not only for their outstanding price-performance ratio but also for the fact that they satisfy the highest standards in operating safety and reliability. All controllers in the series comply with the EN 60204-32 and EN 13849-1 standards as well as VDE 0113 and are suitable for the comprehensive control of lifting gear in accordance with the guidelines set out in BGV D8 and D8 Plus / VPLT SR 2.0.

With its two channels, the MPC 2LD8, which is the smallest controller in the Lite series, is recommended for use with flown line arrays, PA clusters and individual trusses – everywhere, in fact, where no more than two hoists need to be controlled but fully independently. The MPC 4LD8 is a four-channel controller and represents the standard for typical applications in the events and entertainment industry, including truss rigs, medium-sized open-air stages and club tours – the automatic choice for the majority of rental solutions.

The MPC 6LD8 is particularly suitable, with its six individual channels, for larger stage and truss rigs with ancillary towers. The MPC 8LD8 offers the highest degree of flexibility in a compact package, being capable of controlling and supervising up to eight electric chain hoists independently, thereby assuring mastery of the lion’s share of standard applications in the rental and dry hire business.

Movecat Messestand
SQ P2 is the new safety standard for electric chain hoists

With the new SQ P2 standard, the IGVW (the Interessengemeinschaft der Veranstaltungswirtschaft or "Entertainment Technology Industry Association"), formed by the associations DTHG, EVVC, FAMAB and VPLT, is presenting the successor to the VPLT SR 2.0 standard for electric chain hoists. SQ standards are intended to define the quality levels required of services provided within the events technology industry.

The SQ P2 standard applies to the supply and use of electric chain hoists in event engineering. It contains a number of changes and additions compared with its predecessor. These include, for example, the requirement henceforth that in the course of all applications involving statically indeterminate load systems, such as distributed line loads on more than two electric chain hoists, distributed surface loads on more than three electric chain hoists, moving loads or where the possibility of overloading sling gear or suspension points exists, a load measurement system is required. Furthermore, D8 Plus chain hoists and systems must in future be inspected before entry into service and thereafter every four years by an authorized expert in accordance with BGG 912.
In cases where electronic or electronically programmable control systems take over safety-relevant functions, their safety-related features must comply with DIN EN ISO 13849-1 or DIN EN 62061 or DIN EN 61508. The requisite performance level (PL) or safety integrity level (SIL) must be determined on the basis of an application-specific risk assessment and the control system implemented accordingly. For BGV C1 applications, more extensive requirements have been defined for complex scenes and movements that are independent of one another.

The new standard was developed in cooperation with the DGUV (German Social Accident Insurance) and safety engineers from the German public broadcasting organisations. Taking into consideration current legal requirements, it provides a summary of the industry’s specialised working procedures. The result is an overview of the applicable legal norms and requirements in areas of industrial safety and health protection. More details and all further extensions and changes to the SQ P2 standard can be downloaded from
Movecat I-Motion Basic Show Controller
Premiere at the Prolight + Sound 2010
Movecat presents the I-Motion Basic Show controller

At the upcoming Prolight + Sound trade fair in Frankfurt, Movecat will be presenting the new I-Motion Basic Show Controller. Running from the 24th to the 27th March 2010, the fair will give industry insiders from all over the world an opportunity to study the advantages of the new device.

This compact system controls kinetic drives for mobile and flexible project applications. Suitable for up to 72 drives, it is capable of controlling and supervising any application involving D8, D8 Plus and C1 drives, whether fixed- or variable-speed, as well as supporting mixed operation of all kinds. Depending upon the drives and controllers used, entire systems can be realized from SIL1 to SIL3. The option also exists of integrating existing drives and other stage machinery.

The controller complies in its basic configuration with the D8 or BGV C1 standards, but can be upgraded for applications up to SIL 3 and therefore for the overhead movement of scenery. The Basic Show Controller directs and supervises via the I-Motion network the Movecat MPC-1 and V-Motion power controllers and forms with them a closed safety network particularly suitable for professional kinetic applications in the rigging, trade fair, events, studio and touring sectors.
Yale Stage Rigging Sling
Individual logos applied to Yale stage rigging slings

Think Abele is now offering a retro-labelling service for Yale Stage Rigging Slings. It makes particular sense for firms to profit from a production-free period by having their entire stock of Yale slings decorated with their company logo. Through individual labelling, they can give an altogether more professional look to their participation in productions. This kind of labelling also reduces to a minimum the risk of mix-ups and pilfering.

To take advantage of the service, send your Yale Stage Rigging Slings along with your logo (max. size 100 x 25mm) to us here at Think Abele. Slings are labelled and returned in batches of 20. Depending upon the size of the order and the complexity of the logo, interesting graduated prices can be negotiated.
3D-SpaceNavigator für Expert-T
Movecat supplies 3D-Spacenavigator for Expert-T

The SIL3-certified Expert-T control console from Movecat for kinetic applications in stage and show productions is now being supplied with the new 3D-SpaceNavigator for the control of the WYSIWYG 3D graphic function. With the SpaceNavigator, all the graphic functions of the three-dimensional stage display, such as zoom, turn, move and even rotate, can be controlled simply and intuitively with one hand – without any need to change control levels.

The I-Motion Expert-T system controller from Movecat was developed for the systemic control of kinetic drives in larger, or else complex, projects. The Expert-T controller allows the control of up to 240 drives at fixed or variable speeds.
Movecat Plus-C 250-4
Movecat presents the PLUS-C 250-4 electric chain hoist

At the Prolight + Sound 2009 in Frankfurt, Movecat presented a new D8 Plus electric chain hoist: the Plus-C 250-4. The device is based on the tried-and-tested Compact range from Movecat. One of the advantages of the Plus-C 250-4 is a well balanced central transmission block to which the drive motor is flange-mounted directly to the side. This structure, together with the protected fan wheel, optimizes the heat dissipation, thereby extending the duty cycle. Thanks to the off-centre modular structure of the lift, it has proved possible to optimize all its components to achieve a higher laden-to-unladen weight ratio. The unladen weight of the Plus-C 250-4 is a mere 31 kilos – and that’s including the standard 18 metres of chain. Other lengths of chain are available as options.

The Plus-C hoist is equipped with specially developed components such as two independent, maintenance-free brakes and a friction clutch to guard against overload; these guarantee safe and reliable operation even during sustained periods of use. The safety friction clutch mounted in front of the brakes is a force- and form-fitted implementation. All the bearing parts exhibit a design factor of 10:1. Standard features include a textile chain container, a robust carrying handle and an improved, chain-sparing, ‘Easyplate’ chain guide that offers you the choice of using the hoist in a standard installation position or as a climbing hoist without conversion.

The new electric chain hoist complies in every respect with the D8 Plus / VPLT SR 2.0 guidelines. It is recommended for building-up and dismantling operations in the trade fair, stage, show and touring industries as well as installation work in theatres, multi-function halls and studios, obviating the need for the ‘secondary’ safety component as well as the time-consuming ‘dead hang’ of the system that would otherwise be required for D8 applications.
Movecat MPC 4LD8
Movecat presents the MPC 4LD8 chain-hoist controller

Among the hottest new additions to the Movecat range is the MPC 4LD8 controller from the Lite series. Particular importance was attached during the development of this controller to obtaining an attractive price-performance ratio. The Lite series consists of economical stand-alone solutions for smaller rigging applications.

The new controller in its robust 3U metal housing is capable of controlling up to four direct-control electric chain hoists directly and without any additional control or ancillary devices with a high degree of operational and user safety. It complies with the current EN 60 204-32, EN 13 849-1 and VDE 0113 guidelines.

The run direction is selected using four robust rotary controls and the run activated using a central GO button. Integrated safety elements include a latching Emergency OFF button; phase malfunction, phase sequence and low voltage supervision; and four adjustable motor protection switches individually adjustable for each motor.

All the safety elements are arranged sequentially to form a ‘safety chain’, so that an operating failure leads automatically to all four drives coming to a halt. The operating status is indicated by two signal elements.
Movecat MRC E-Serie
Movecat presents the updated MRC E series employing LED technology

With the MRC 4/8/12 ED 8 Motion Remote Control from Movecat, it is possible to control simply and safely up to four motorized chain hoists or – in combination with the MPC 4ED8 and MPC 41D8 controllers – eight, twelve or sixteen chain hoists. Now Movecat has introduced an update for the manual controller. The new MRC E Series employs LED technology throughout and is therefore shockproof. Since the update, the GO indicator and even the Emergency Stop button of the MRC E Series are illuminated and therefore provide the user with unambiguous feedback on the operating state of the devices.

The updated MRC E series is already shipping from the company's Nufringen warehouse.
Maßanfertigung von Movecat für die Staatsoper Wien
Movecat provides a custom-made solution for the Vienna State Opera

No less an institution than the Vienna State Opera belongs to the ranks of satisfied users of kinetic solutions from Movecat. The requirement profile drawn up by the VSO’s decision-makers called for a flexible and operationally secure system that would be simple and intuitive to use but at the same time permit the swift and precise movement of loads. The kinetic system for the state opera was custom-produced by Movecat of Nufringen and exists in its present form only in Vienna. In the state opera house, sixteen Movecat BGV-C1 hoists are used in the understage area mounted on four carriages to permit four-axis operation. These make it possible to prepare backdrops and sets for use on the main stage before moving them horizontally and vertically to their appointed positions. For this, motorized trolleys combined a powerful controller are needed. The Movecat equipment offers in addition numerous functions and safety features such as dual-level speeds in both directions, dynamic gap supervision, selective group supervision, numerous connection points for the remote control, and practical supervision of all safety devices in a read-back chain with automatic evaluation.

Comments Andrew Abele: “Chain hoists with their companion controllers are increasingly being used not only in theatres but elsewhere too in the service of culture, where they provide a modern alternative to classic winches.” This is due, on the one hand, to the versatility of chain hoists and on the other to the fact that such solutions frequently prove to be more economical both to purchase and in service.
Movecat Touring Rack
New touring racks for kinetic applications from Movecat

Movecat of Nufringen has introduced new Touring Racks for systems with 16, 24 and 32 chain hoists. The equipment should commence shipping in the spring of 2009. The new Movecat Touring Racks are currently undergoing practical testing.

Instructed to come up with an “all-in-one” solution, the developers of Movecat's Touring Racks worked closely with a number of specialists in major rigging applications. The compact Touring Racks accommodate not only the controller but also the control panel and power station.

Among the features of the Touring Racks are automatic phase- and rotating-field-detection as well as -switching, Up and Down master runs with only one switch, the illuminated display of all operating conditions (such as faults and run directions), and the possibility of connecting external enabling (‘dead-man’) switches. Up to 256 drives can be linked in one network, which represents a considerably more affordable solution than the corresponding number of individual controllers. The M-Link system is also compatible with the well-established Movecat MPC 4ED8 and 4ID8 controllers and can therefore be combined with existing controllers from the “smaller” series.
Movecat bei „Wetten, dass?“
BGV C1/SIL 3 vario systems from Movecat for ZDF's WETTEN, DASS?

Movecat has supplied a BGV C1/SIL 3 Vario system for the current season of Europe’s most popular and successful TV series: ZDF’s “Wetten, dass?”. The Dusseldorf-based events service provider Aventem, which makes the equipment available for the shows, decided in favour of a Movecat I-Motion network system with sixteen VMK 500 chain hoists, V-Motion 30, NDB-6 and the SIL 3-certified Expert-T control system. Important factors in the decision were not only the safety of the many big-name international stars (including Herbert Grönemeyer, Anastacia, Tom Jones and The Pussycat Dolls) appearing in the series but also – particularly important, this, in view of ZDF’s status as a public service broadcaster – exemplary concern for, and strict compliance with, all the regulations in force relating to health and safety at the workplace. Such concerns also explain the choice of the certified Movecat BGV C1/SIL 3 system that is also used by the “Wetten, dass?” crew.

This innovative technology was chosen for the show stages of the current series of productions. Scene changes have to be performed swiftly and reliably and scenic runs are often needed in mid performance while the talent is actually on stage. The new equipment from Movecat will also, however, be used during ‘specials’ (the ‘bets’ when a member of the public offers to perform some bizarre or difficult task) for things like the positioning of safety nets or to permit the presenter, Thomas Gottschalk, to hover or levitate.
Movecat chain hoists for the Sonnenkönigin

For the “Sonnenkönigin”, an approximately seventy-metre-long floating events location capable of accommodating up to one thousand passengers, shuttling between Germany, Austria and Switzerland on Lake Constance, Movecat supplied eight OMK 500-4 chain hoists complying with BGV-C1 and equipped with MPC 4IC1-I digital controllers.

The Sonnenkönigin can be chartered and used as a concert hall, theatre, ballroom, catwalk or conference location. The ship features a futuristic design with a great deal of glass and steel and an illuminated outer hull. It is equipped with four bars and a kitchen as well as a variety of lighting, sound and presentation equipment including a retractable stage and a grandstand on the main deck. For this reason, in the view of Alexandro Rupp, the CEO of Sonnenkönigin AG, the ship appeals to target groups within a radius of 300 kilometres from Lake Constance.

“A ship of this kind poses a variety of challenges,” explains Movecat's Andrew Abele. “These include the duality of power sources: a generator when the ship is under steam and a cable when it is docked. Care has to be taken, therefore, to ensure that shows that have been saved are not lost and that switching supplies involves no safety risks.” The location being an events ship, it was also necessary that the entire system be extremely compact, light and yet capable of moving heavy loads, and as universal in terms of its range of applications as possible. For this reason, the BGV-C1 hoists were equipped with incremental encoders that allow exact and reproducible positioning of the individual hoists, thereby increasing safety through supervision of both the run direction and speed.