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The march of technology today is making ever more complex systems possible, but to take full advantage of these technical possibilities and be able to implement the project-specific safety-relevant and technical requirements of such systems a sound knowledge base is required.
Movecat Academy was founded to assist a growing number of operators and users to make optimal and above all safe use of the entire range of functions offered by our products in conformity with the relevant guidelines and regulations as well as meet their own service and maintenance obligations with respect to them.
Movecat Academy offers, through a thoughtfully differentiated range of seminars, training and further education for users of widely differing levels of expertise. Participants decide for themselves which types of seminar and requirement profile are required for their individual day-to-day work.

This modular structure adjusts to the time constraints, making possible the continual resumption of training and further professionalization of the user over several years.
All offers conclude with the issuing of certificates, which, in conjunction with the corresponding product, represent an effective hallmark of quality. We will be happy to help with the process of self-assessment and the selection of an appropriate course.