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Movecat's kinetic equipment is synonymous with maximum safety and functionality "Made in Germany".


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MOVECAT awarded 2019 innovation prize and TOP 100 accolade for the third time in succession

MOVECAT 2019 for third time in succession awarded innovation prize and TOP 100 accolade

The award underlines MOVECAT's expertise as a leading innovator in the field of kinetic solutions for stages, studios and shows.


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Whether it's the concerts of superstars, TV or theatrical productions, shows, entertainment locations or a host of other events, we supply the dynamics on stage!


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Visit us live at one of the upcoming trade fairs.


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Movecat Academy

Here you will find information about training courses devoted to our products and their safe operation.


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Careers / job offers

We are a constantly growing, internationally oriented company the success of which is based on qualified and motivated employees.


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We regard the training of young people as important to us and an investment in the future, because we have a long-term need for well-trained and motivated specialists.


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Our full range including new products, accessories, technical data, prices - you will find all of them in our online store.


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