What is Movecat AcademY

Movecat Academy offers qualified support and know-how to all users and operators of motorized lifting gear in order to enable them to cope with the increasingly stringent legal and technical demands imposed upon them. Nowadays with respect to the maintenance and operation of such technical equipment, there are numerous guidelines and regulations issued by a wide variety of institutions that have to be complied with.


Movecat Academy's carefully differentiated range of courses make it possible for participants to meet their service and maintenance obligations independently. The seminars also show how to use the equipment safely and take maximum advantage of the entire feature sets of the products involved.

Training sessions and courses are available for users of all levels of expertise. Participants decide for themselves which types of course and requirement profile best meet the needs of their individual day-to-day work. This modular structure adjusts to the time frames of participants, making possible the continual resumption of training and further professionalization over several years.