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LeasIng: Discover our offers


Want state-of-the-art equipment to give your company a future-proof competitive advantage? Want to invest without a capital commitment?


The advantages of leasing in a nutshell:

Clear competitive advantages that come with state-of-the-art equipment
New entrepreneurial freedom by conserving your own capital and retaining liquidity
Ideal planning security thanks to fxed rates and payment arrangement
No capital accumulation for lessee
No expensive downtime
No risk of equipment obsolescence
Leasing is balance neutral
Made-to-measure contracts tailored to your needs*
Cooperation with reputable refnancing partners with market experience
Fast and uncomplicated processing

The leasing arrangement requires a credit assessment and approval by a leasing company as well as the taking out by the lessee of all-risks insurance for the replacement value (new) of the leased articles.



Are you planning or creating a new stage installation for a theatre, museum, trade fair centre, exhibition hall, events venue or special event?

Would you like to bring your old and proven equipment up to speed with the latest technological developments?

Do you want to combine or complement application-, manufacturer- or customer-specifc equipment with the latest, tried and tested kinetic, drive or control technology?

The service at a glance:

Application-specif c kinetic special solutions/conf gurations/combinations of all kinds - chain hoists, winches, trolleys, band hoists, turntables, robotic elements, curtains, screens, podiums, load measuring systems, controllers. etc.
Adaptation of Movecat drives, such as chain hoists, winches, band hoists, trolleys, etc. for operation with or direct integration of external controllers
Integration of existing drives or external drives into the Movecat I-Motion control system
Delivery of factory-tested "plug and play" complete solutions
Provision of standardised supplementary hardware, such as incremental and absolute value encoders, limit switches, load measuring systems, hybrid cables, interface boxes etc. to complement existing drives with a view to DGUV V17/18 (BGV C1) and SIL3 operation - available from stock
Individual customizing and manufacture of customer-specif c OEM components and products
Free component and system analysis in the light of the current European fundamentals with respect to technology, standards and guidelines
Support in application and hazard analysis for the creation of an up-to-date component/ system basis
Provision of CAD data in 2D and 3D
On-site support and assistance with commissioning and training

mOvecaT PLanninG service:


Are you planning a new stage equipment installation for a theatre, museum, exhibition hall, event hall or special event? Do you want to bring your old, tried-and-tested equipment up to speed with the latest technological developments?

Planning advantages at a glance:

Free feasibility study for new buildings and conversions
Support in the refurbishment, conversion and new construction of mobileand fixed installations
The ability to bring stage technology systems/equipment into line with the latest technical standards, taking into account cost eff ciency and in particular the integration of existing hardware
Product-neutral consulting for the planning/acquisition/combination of machines of all kinds (chain hoists, winches, trolleys, ribbon hoists, turntables, load measuring systems, controllers etc.)
Cost-eff cient concepts for extending service life upon expiry of the manufacturer‘s service life of 10 years
Free system analysis in the light of the technological state of the art as well as currently applicable standards and guidelines
Support with application and hazard analysis to create an up-to-date foundation for your system
Free concept design including feasibility analysis
Support in the preparation of tender documents
Support in the preparation of design and implementation plans
Provision of CAD data in 2D and 3D
On-site support and assistance
Tailor-made stage-equipment solutions