The Motion Power Controller 4ID8 is a perfect example of our modular build principle.

It is a 4-Channel Fix-Speed Controller, of course. But it can be way more. If you equip your regular D8/D8+ Hoists with a Movecat LME Loadcell for example the values can be read out in our MPC Controllers.

And even better you can dial in your over and underload values for each channel and let the MPC Controller react to it automatically. Same thing even for position Values.

Last but not least, our Intelligent MPC 4ID8 Controller is your bridge into Movecat’s Imotion Network World. You can rout out the control via NDC Network Cables to our Expert-T III or Basic-C II Consoles. We think it cannot be more future proof.


Our VMW-S highspeed winch is dedicated to the entertainment market. Plug and Play setup with our I-Motion System, connectable to 52cm trussing, and officially approved for flying artists.

It is manufactured according to BGV C1/DGUV-17, DIN56950, EN61508 (SIL3) and DGUV315-390 checked. Whilst in can lift 125kg it is blazingly fast! 3m per second. Or incredibly slow with ourclosed-loop system -> 0m per second.

Brakes can be manually opened for emergency-rescues as well.With 27m length of stroke, it comes at slightly over 200kg own weight.


The All-in-one Touringrack TD8-Series is the Industry Benchmark for fix-speed hoists.

It can be ordered as a 16, 24, or 32 channel Controller. The Touringrack comes with an integrated Power-Distribution and automatic phase switching. Ruggedized and illuminated switches give you a perfect overview of the selected hoists.

The Touringrack provides a switch for each channel of course, and furthermore a unique master-switch which sets all channels in one direction at once. In case you want to lift your whole Rigg upwards, for example, you just have to turn one switch, and the complete controller is running upwards. No Rigger will ever forget to select ”hoist 8“ in the very right corner anymore :). Additionally, we build in some unique bypass features in case something is broken.

Just imagine your controller has a defect channel. How bad would it be if this one channel would make the whole 32 channel control unit useless. In our Touringrack, you can bypass slots of eight-channel with a click of a button and keep on using the rest. External Deadmanbuttons for even more control whilst moving huge Grids can be ordered as well.

On top of that, you can link up to 8 Touringracks together and end up with a 256 Hoist Controller-Cluster - and move them all with one go button.


Our Basic-C III is the little brother of the big Expert-T III controller. With our unique

I-Motion modular build principle anything from fix speed chain hoists to fly winches can be controlled with it, just like with an Expert-T III.

Also identical to the Expert-T III it provides live back-up (if you buy two of them), gives you real-time 3D overview of your scenery, is equipped with collision control, fully synchronized movements, and many more features.

SSD Harddrive, Touchscreen, 3D visualization, and a keycard-reader for controlled access are included as well.

The main difference between the Expert-T III and the Basic-C II (apart from the price tag) are its internal power, size (especially the screen) and most importantly, just one cue-lever instead of 7 (2 Levers and 5 Buttons) on its big brother.

The Basic C II is the perfect product if you want to operate smaller or medium-sized shows with about twenty hoists for example. Of course, it is approved to BGV-C1 (DGUV 17) and EN61508 (SIL 3)


Our V-Motion Series is the heart of our modular build principle. Its purpose is to control any variable speed drive you can imagine and link them into Movecats I-Motion network. It contains main- and safety processors, the frequency converter (from 1.5KW up to 7.5KW) and basically all the electronics you need to either control Movecats machinery or even any other machinery (for example hoists, trolleys or podiums) via our I-Motion network on one of our Show-Consoles.

With our V-Motion-Technique, we can even integrate third-party manufacturers products in our system. A V-Motion provides a LED Display, showing you actual states of the drive right in place, like position load, general “health” and such. Furthermore, you can use it as a single-drive backup controller for emergency situations or maintenance.

A speed-dial even gives you the opportunity to alter the speed whilst moving in backup mode. It ships pre-programmed with all the correct safety parameters for either the drive you bought with it or the drive you want to use with it. It is highly versatile and of course fully compliant to BGV-C1 (DGUV 17) and EN61508 (SIL 3).


Our Expert-T III is a state of the art show controller. With our unique I-Motion modular build principle anything from fix speed chain hoists to fly winches can be controlled with it.

The Expert-T III can handle up to 240 Drives at once, provides live back-up (if you buytwo of them), gives you real-time 3D overview of your scenery, is equipped with collisioncontrol, fully synchronized movements and many more features.

SSD Harddrive, 24" Touchscreen, 3D Interface, and of course UPS are almost as cool as the new extended Hot-Key area for quick access to endless functions. 13 Years of evolution made it the perfect product. Of course, it is approved to BGV-C1 (DGUV 17) and EN61508 (SIL 3)


Our VMB-S Bandhoist sits right in the middle in between our VMW-S winch and ourchain hoists. With 105kg self-weight it is about half as heavy as a winch, although it can lift up to 250kg (twice as much as the winch can do).

Even the speed from 0m/sec - 1.2m/sec (with reduced lifting capacity) makes it the perfect “man in the middle”. Chain hoists are mostly stronger but slower of course. On top of that it is incredibly silent with 50dBA/1m and (if you hang it with the bands tiny 0.4mm side towards you) it is even more invisible as the winches wire. The Bandhoist is equipped with a 45° degree rotating fly bar to make sure the band will not bend sideways.

The VMB-S is built with dynamic self-locking gears and of course approved with BGV-C1 (DGUV 17), DIN 56950, and EN61508 (SIL3). No need to mention that it can be controlled with our I-Motion system of course and operates in the true-zero-speed closed-loop functionality as well.

PROstage+ 1000

We listened to you and made our lightest 1to D8+ single-fall-hoist ever. 1000kg liftingcapacity and about 70kg own weight (depending on the chain length, of course).Strengthened internals, improved body with an innovative new geometry, and last butnot least the new D-shaped chain makes all of this possible.

Rated capacity was stepped up to 1.1 KW as well for smooth and constant lifting. It comes with an 18m or 24m black chain, textile chain bag, ruggedized cables, CE-conformity and is ready to use with first annual check included.

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